Mentoring Initiative

CSAS is launching a Mentoring Initiative!

•  $1,500 worth of prizes to The Professor Is In academic career consulting service, TheProfessorIsIn.Com, for professional one-on-one consultations with Dr. Karen Kelsky and her team.  Untenured faculty and students are eligible to win.  You do not need to register in the Mentor Match Program to win.

•  Mentor Match Program for members of all levels, undergraduate majors to junior faculty.  Volunteer two hours of mentoring, receive one hour from CSAS mentors who have “been there.”  From graduate school application questions, to grant proposal advice, to CV reviews, MOCK INTERVIEWS and more.  Get a fresh perspective from beyond your institution.

Both programs are FREE to CSAS Members.

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Membership to CSAS is FREE for Student members of AAA (American Anthropological Association), and $10-20 for non-student AAA members.

The Central States Anthropological Society welcomes scholars from all over the world, studying anywhere in the world.  Our annual conference fosters inter-generational conversation with a strong, welcoming Midwestern atmosphere of equality, camaraderie and mutual growth.  Students enjoy the focused attention and collaborative questions they receive on their research presentations and the opportunity to present alongside some of the big names in anthropology.