Past Award Winners

Leslie A. White Award
2014 recipient — no award given
2013 recipient — Britteny M. Howell (University of Kentucky)
2012 recipient — Kelly LaFramboise (University of Oklahoma)
2011 recipient — Janni Pedersen (Iowa State U)
2010 recipient — Chelsea Chapman (U Wisconsin-Madison)
2009 recipient — Sarah Trabert (U Iowa)
2008 recipient — Antonie Dvořáková (U Chicago)
2007 recipient — Bronwyn Nicole Fullard (U Notre Dame in Indiana)
2006 recipient — Lacey J. Fleming (Middle Tennessee State University)
2005 co-recipients — Celine Miceli (University of Chicago) & Sarah Surface-Evans (Michigan State University)
2004 recipient — Angela Martin (Indiana University)
2003 recipient — David Chaudoir (University of Arkansas)
2002 recipient — Mary Ann J. Ladia (Michigan State University)
2001 recipient — Amanda Olson (University of Wisconsin at Barron County)
2000 recipients — Heather Lindkvist (University of Chicago) & Timothy James McCollum (University of Oklahoma)

Beth Wilder Dillingham Award
2014 recipient — Suzette Vontell Chang (University of Oklahoma)
2013 recipient — no award given
2012 recipient — Elizabeth Kickham (University of Oklahoma)
2011 recipient — Evelyn Dean-Olmsted (Indiana U – Bloomington)
2010 recipient — Laura Macia-Vergara (U of Pittsburgh)
2009 recipient — No award given
2008 recipient — Brandi Janssen (U Iowa)
2007 recipient — Anna J. Willow (U Wisconsin — Madison)
2006 recipient — Lisa J. Greenman (Southern Methodist University)
2005 recipient — Angela Glaros (University of Illinois)
2004 recipient — Erin Kenny (University of Kentucky)
2003 recipient — no award given
2002 recipient — no award given
2001 recipient — no award given
2000 recipient — no award given

Student Paper Competition
Graduate Papers
2014 recipient — Heather O’Leary (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), Beyond Pukka Dehliz: Flows of Delhi’s Domestic Workers and Water Ethoi
2013 recipient — Oguz Alyanak (Washington University), Emergent Actors, Emerging Narratives:  Competing Representations in North America
2012 recipient — Diana Steele (Purdue University), Punarunas and Llamativos: Place-Based Identities of Amazonian Migrant Tour Guides in Cusco, Peru
2011 recipient — Janni Pedersen (Iowa State U), Gricean Maxims in Bonobo-Human Discourse
2010 recipient — Erin Moore (U Chicago), Ugandan Girls into Global Feminists? Cultural Brokers, Feminist Empowerment, and the Reproduction of a Social Elite
2009 recipient — Joseph Weiss (U Chicago), Landscapes of Interconnection on the Northwest Coast First Nations: Emplaced Experience and Urban Migration in British Columbia
2008 recipient — Audrey Ricke (Indiana U), The Power in Festivals: Reviving and Reasserting German Identity in Brazil.
2007 recipient — no award given
2006 recipient — no award given
2005 recipient — Jessica Smith (University of Michigan), Real Men Don’t Need Unions: The Challenge of Doing Activist Anthropology in “Union Free” Coal Mines
2004 recipients — Angela Martin (Indiana University), Memory, Understanding, and Risk Perception of Predicable Catastrophic Events: The 17-Year Periodical Cicada Outbreak in Southern Indiana and Ann Williams (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), The Transformation of a Museum: Employee Interpersonal Trust and Distrust in a Changing Organization
2003 recipient — no award given
2002 recipient — Denene Ann-Marguerite DeQuintal (University of Chicago)
2001 recipient — no award given
2000 recipient — no award given

Undergraduate Papers
2014 recipient — Elsa Kendal (Beloit College), Do You “Like” Me?: College Students’ Concept of Self on Facebook
2013 recipient — Mary Schletzbaum (Rockhurst University), Reducing HIV stigma: Lessons from learning about traditional medicine in Tanzania
2012 recipient — Sweta Basnet (Grand Valley State University), Health Status of the Homeless — What Lies in the Heart of Our Citizens
2011 recipient — Geoffrey Grimm (Illinois Wesleyan U), Masturbation Play and Language Games
2010 recipient — Katharine Singleton (Beloit C), Investigating the Link between Spinal Column Morphology and Locomotion Pattern in Primates
2009 recipient — Mary C. Benedetto (U Akron), Como Caracoles: Barcelona Street Artists Leave Their Trail
2008 recipient — Chelsea R. Iversen (Saint Mary’s C), Disempowering Women: Human Development and the Kerala Model
2007 recipient — Katherine Erdman (Grand Valley State U), Migration, Diffusion, Emulation: Petrographic Analysis of Transcaucasian Pottery from Malayta, Turkey
2006 recipient — Mikaela Adams (Miami University), Blood and Belonging: Indian  Identity in Oklahoma
2005 recipient — Faris A. Khan (Hanover College), Homosexuality in a Global Age: The Origins and Dynamics of the Neoteric Pakistani “Gay” Culture
2004 recipient — Jasyon Otto (Grand Valley State University), Local Food As a  Distinction of Taste –  Honorable Mentions to Elizabeth Baber (Grand Valley State) &  Joyce Stockins (Wooster)
2003 recipient — Courtney Stoll (University of Kentucky), Edward S. Curtis’ Photographs: Post-modernism, Re-enactment, and Contextual Value
2002 recipient — Michael Ludwig
2001 recipient — no award given
2000 recipient — no award given