By Air:

Flights should be arranged to arrive into the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport located at 4300 Glumack Dr. St. Paul, MN 55111.

We have arranged a special rate through SuperShuttle that would be $14.30 per person from the airport to the hotel, or $24.20 if you book a round trip.

Once you book your flight please click here to reserve your shuttle. You also may reserve your shuttle upon arrival at the airport and those instructions are also available on the website.  NOTE: If traveling with a group, you may look to reserve an executive car/van via SuperShuttle.

Metro Transit Local City Bus (from MSP Inter. Airport)

(Buses run every 15 min. on weekdays and every 30 min. on weekends) Trip takes 15-20 minutes

$1.75 local fare – $2.25 rush hour fare)

Locate bus stop at MSP Terminal 1 “Lindbergh” at Gate 4 and board bus # 54 to Saint Paul

Exit bus at downtown stop for 5th St. between Wabasha and Cedar Streets

Walk two blocks on Wabasha south east to Kellogg Blvd.
Hotel is on the corner of Wabasha and Kellogg.

By Car:

Westbound Interstate 94 (from Dakotas/Minneapolis)

Take exit 241A toward Marion St/Kellogg Blvd/State Capitol

Slight right onto W Kellogg Blvd

Continue for 1 mile into Downtown. Hotel is on Kellogg at Wabasha

Eastbound Interstate 94 (from Wisconsin)

Take exit 243 for US-61/Mounds Blvd toward Kellogg Blvd

Keep right at fork, and merge onto US-61 N/Mounds Blvd

Turn left onto Kellogg Blvd E, continue for 1.2 miles into Downtown. Hotel is on Kellogg at Wabasha

Northbound Interstate 35E (from Iowa)

Take exit 103A for Shepard Road

Keep right at the fork and merge onto Shepard Rd continue for 3.8 miles

Turn left onto N Sibley St

Turn left onto Kellogg Blvd E, continue for 0.5 miles. Hotel is at Kellogg and Wabasha

Southbound Interstate 35E (from Duluth/International Falls)

Take exit 107A on the leftfor10th St/Wacouta St

Continue straight onto N Wacouta St

Turn right onto Kellogg Blvd E. Continue for 0.5 miles Hotel is at Kellogg and Wabasha

From MSP International Airport

Merge onto MN-5 E

Continue for 6.2 miles on MN-5E (West 7th Street) towards Downtown.

Turn right onto Kellogg Blvd. E. Continue for 0.8 miles. Hotel is at Kellogg and Wabasha