Special Events

Special Events

Thursday, April 6

4:00-6:00         Special Plenary Address
[The Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center (Unity Room 212)]
Richard Lee (University of Toronto)
“The Myth of Hunter-Gather Ultra-Violence: A Critique of the ‘Bellicose’ School”

6:10-8:00         Grad School Fair and Networking [Regents C]

8:00-9:30         The 5th Annual AnthroBowl Competition [Regents C]
A trivia game among teams of students who battle to show their not-so-trivial anthropological knowledge! Winners get free registration for the next year’s Annual Meeting! Organize a team ahead of time, or come singly and meet and join up with other students.

Friday, April 7

8:20-10:20      ROUNDTABLE: Role Models [Alumni]
Organizer and Facilitator: Alice Kehoe (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

10:30-12:30    WORKSHOP: Teaching Ethnography: An Experiential Workshop [Regent D]
Facilitators: Angela Glaros (Eastern Illinois University) and Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)

10:30-12:30   OPEN ROUNDTABLE: “Remember, Trump studied Anthropology, too!”: Where Did We Go Wrong? [Chancellor 2/3]
Organizer and Facilitator: James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)

1:30-3:30    WORKSHOP: Writing Culture Visually: A Short Workshop on Multimedia Approaches for Making Ethnography [Regent E]
Facilitator: David Syring (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
This workshop is limited to 10 participants. No charge, but advance registration is required. (Please let Nobuko Adachi [email protected] knows if you would like to participate in advance; if there are still open spots we will accept registration on-site at the Registration Desk). Participants should bring laptop computers as well as video clips, photos, audio files, etc. that they might like to try to develop into visual writing. If you don’t have such material, the facilitator will provide samples to use.

3:40-5:30      SYMPOSIUM: Conducting Fieldwork and Engaging in Advocacy and Development on Behalf of Indigenous People in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Richard Borshay Lee [Regent F
Organizer and Facilitator: Wayne Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

5:30-6:30      Dinner Reception [Regents C]
All conference participants are invited to enjoy dinner before the Distinguished Lecture (cost included in registration; please show badge at entrance).

6:30-8:30      Distinguish Lecture [Regents C]
Fred Smith (Illinois State University)
“There are Neanderthals Among Us! Understanding an Aboriginal People of Eurasia”

8:30-10:00     Welcome from UNL!: Jazz and Swing Music [Regents C]
The Lightning Bugs
All conference participants are welcome to attend this fine evening of jazz and swing music with one of Lincoln’s hottest bands. Please check  http://stevehansonmusic.com and http://www.jimpipher.com to find out more about that swinging combo, The Lightning Bugs!

Saturday, April 8

8:00-10:00     ROUNDTABLE: Ethical Dilemmas in the Field: Whose Ethical Standards? [Regent F]
Organizer and Facilitator: Mary Hallin (University of Nebraska, Omaha)

10:45-12:00    FILM: “La Vida Matizada: Visual Ethnographic Portraits of the Blended Life in a Culturally Creative Community in the Andes.” [Chancellor 2/3]
Facilitator: David Syring (University of Minnesota Duluth)

12:15-1-15      Business Meeting Luncheon [Embassy Bar & Grille]
All conference participants are welcome to attend the annual business meeting. Please join us, too, in cerebrating the achievements of your student and friends at the awards ceremony. Tickets are required–$8.00 at the Registration Desk, or purchase in advance while registering.