CSAS 2017 Preliminary Program

(last update: February 27, 2017)


1:00-4:00    Registration [Registration Desk]

1:45-3:45     Sessions

  • 1-01    Gender Enculturation of Children and Infants [Regent D]
    Chair: Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University)
  1. Alison Dalbom (University of Central Missouri)
    Gender Enculturation within a Rural Montessori Classroom
  2. Denise Ruvalcaba (Grinnell College)
    Parental Gendering Practices for Infants Under Two Years
  3. Tiffany Matzas(Grinnell College)
    Changing Channels: A Case Study of Subversive Masculinities in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe
  4. Moya Roarty (Grinnell College)
    Infant Technology Consumption: Who Supports It, and Why?
  5. Discussant: Brigittine French (Grinnell College)
  6. Discussion
  • 1-02    Expanding the Literal and Virtual Field: New Trends in Archaeology [Regent E]
    Chair: Effie Athanassopoulos (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  1. Jakob Hanschu(Kansas State University)
    Assessing Integrity of Burial Features: A Kansas Case Study
  2. Effie Athanassopoulos (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    UNL Campus Archaeology: Building Digital Resources
  3. Sean Field (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), LuAnn Wandsnider (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Matt Waite (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    The Utility of UAV’s for Archaeological Surface Survey: A Comparative Study
  4. David Benn (Bear Creek Archeology)
    Cosmogram Decorations on Early Woodland Period Pottery Vessels in the Midwest
  5. Clare Roberts (Northwest Missouri University)
    Plastic and Planted Flowers: Activation of Collective Memory at Irish Burial Sites
  6. Discussant: Heather Richards-Rissetto (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • 1-03     Communities Large and Small: The Organization as Instigator, and Source, of Change [Regent F]
    Chair: Heather O’Leary (Washington University, St. Louis)
  1. Joselyn Walsh (Washington University, St. Louis)
    A Grassroots Revolution? Imagining Change in St. Louis Food Landscapes
  2. Lindsey Earl (Illinois State University)
    It’s for the Children: Child Sponsorship Development Successes and Role of Religion
  3. Amy Huff (Missouri State University)
    Intentions and Accountability: What NGO Intervention Looks Like on the Ground
  4. Discussant: Heather O’Leary (Washington University)
  5. Discussion

4:00-6:00     Special Plenary Address  [The Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center (Unity Room 212)]
Richard Lee (University of Toronto)
“The Myth of Hunter-Gather Ultra-Violence: A Critique of the ‘Bellicose’ School”

6:10-8:00     CSAS Executive Board Meeting [Executive Boardroom]

6:10-8:00     Student Reception: Grad School Fair and Networking [Regents C] (Some food provided!!!)

8:00-9:30     AnthroBowl [Regents C]



8:00-5:30     Registration [Registration Desk]

8:20-10:20    Sessions

  • 2-01    “Traditional” Religions in a Non-traditional World: Ambiguity, Anxiety, and Accommodation [Regent D]
    Chair: Robert Phillips (Ball State University)
  1. Ian Magnuson (Augustana College)
    Anarchy, Death, and Transition: A Christian Community’s Path to Revolution
  2. Joe Coyle (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
    Precarity, Pentecostalism, and Social Media in Brazil
  3. Eugenia Rainey (Tulane University)
    Regla de Ochá and Health: Place in the Making of Selfhood in a South Florida Hospital
  4. Robert Phillips (Ball State University)
    An Ambivalent Jewishness: Half Shabbos, the Shabbos App, and Modern Orthodoxy
  5. Discussant: Erica Prussing (University of Iowa)
  6. Discussion
  • 2-02    Labels and Language: Race, Relations, and Repatriations in Latin American Ethnic Identity [Regent E]
    Chair: James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
  1. Cristina Ortiz (University of Minnesota, Morris)
    Teachers’ and Community Leaders’ Perceptions of Ethnic Identity Labels
  2. Jaclyn Abing (Grinnell Collage)
    Understanding the Mexican Repatriation Act through Linguistic Anthropology
  3. Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University)
    “What did you just say?:” Gaijin, Nihon-jin, and Nihon no hito as Racial Markers in a Japanese Brazilian Commune
  4. Discussant: Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  5. Discussion
  • 2-03     Ruda, Environmental Justice, Planned Parenthood and Racial Stress: Ethnographic Explorations in Reproductive Justice [Regent F]
    Organizer and Chair: Marcia Good (DePaul University)
  1. Tara Dobbs (DePaul University)
    Reproductive Justice and Environmental Justice Movements: Talking to Each Other?
  2. Taylor L Farley (Ohio State University)
    Demystifying the Health Disparity: Race-Based Stress amoung African American Women
  3. Asha Hassan (University of Minnesota)
    Reproductive Justice, Malcolm X, and The Pursuit of Health Equity: Evaluation of Adult Sexual Health Programming in Urban and Rural Minnesotan Communities of Color
  4. Marina Labarthe (DePaul University)
    Ruda, Environmental Justice, Planned Parenthood and Racial Stress: Reproductive Justice and Women of Color
  5. Discussant: Zobeida Bonilla Vega (University of Minnesota)
  6. Discussion
  • 2-04     Playing with Gender Roles While at Play [Chancellor 2/3]
    Chair: Rick Feinberg (Kent State University)
  1. Emily Waters (Illinois State University)
    Roll for Roles: Gender Performativity in Tabletop Role-playing Games
  2. Emalie Thern (Beloit College)
    Body Basics: Building Capital in a College Gym
  3. Brianna Meyer(Augustana College)
    Riding in Circles: Horse(wo)manship in the American Saddlebred Community
  4. Ethan Ingram (Illinois State University)
    “A Certain Level of ‘Into It’”: Boundary Play in Professional Wrestling
  5. Discussant: Angela Glaros (Eastern Illinois University)
  6. Discussion
  • 2-05     ROUNDTABLE: Role Models [Alumni]
    Facilitator: Alice Kehoe (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  1. Jacquelyn A. Lewis-Harris (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
  2. Jennifer Santos Esperanza (Beloit College)
  3. Alice Kehoe (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

10:30-12:30     Sessions

  • 2-06     WORKSHOP: Teaching Ethnography: An Experiential Workshop [Regent D]
    Facilitators: Angela Glaros (Eastern Illinois University) and Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)
  • 2-07     Performing Identity Through Cultural Tradition [Regent E]
    Chair: Jennifer Santos Esperanza (Beloit College)
  1. Nicole Cox (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
    Troubling Tradition: Dancers, Dupattas and the “Essence” of Kathak
  2. Claire Nicholas (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    The Color of Tradition: Craft, Community, and Textile Expertise in Morocco
  3. Livija Marina (Wayne State University)
    Creating Kumstvo: From a Zadruga to an American Suburb
  4. Theodore Randall (Indiana University, South Bend)
    Linguistic Continuity and Change among the Lelna of Northwestern Nigeria
  5. Discussant: Linda Giles (Independent Scholar)
  6. Discussion
  • 2-08     The State as Cultural Enactor: Politics, Law, and Debates [Regent F]
    Chair: Roland Vazquez (Upper Iowa University)
  1. Mira Lamb (Grinnell College)
    An Epistemological Comparison Between Two Paradigms of Medical Cannabis Use
  2. Roland Vazquez (Upper Iowa University)
    The Art of the Victim: A Basque Example
  3. Shay Chang (Fordham University)
    State Rescaling as Structural Violence
  4. Discussant: Melony Stambaugh (Gateway Community and Technical College)
  5. Discussion
  • 2-09     OPEN ROUNDTABLE: “Remember, Trump studied Anthropology, too!”: Where Did We Go Wrong? [Chancellor 2/3]
    Facilitator: James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)

12:30-1-30    Lunch Break

1:30-3:30     Sessions

  • 2-10     Place and Space: Physical and Mental Locations in the Positioning of the Self [Regent D]
    Chair: Angela Glaros (Eastern Illinois University)
  1. Keila Anali Saucedo (Augustana College)
    The Art of Placemaking: “The Work” of Art and Landscape
  2. Heather Richards-Rissetto (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Are All Memories Place-based? Evoking Memories of a 2200 Mile Thru-hike Along the Appalachian Trail
  3. Jacklyn Weier (Illinois State University)
    We’re Not in the Binary Anymore: Bisexual Experiences and Encounters Contesting Binary Space and Passing
  4. Jessica Rohr (Purdue University)
    An Ethnography on Safety: Issues of Students and Non-Student Neighborhood Residents
  5. Discussant: Emmanuel Désveaux (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris)
  6. Discussion
  • 2-11     WORKSHOP: Writing Culture Visually: A Short Workshop on Multimedia Approaches for Making Ethnography [Regent E]
    Facilitator: David Syring (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
  • 2-12     Imaginings (III): Sneaking Up On Abduction: Confusion, Curiosity, Deutero-Learning, Evidence [Regent F]
    Organizer and Chair: Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University)
  1. Donna E. West (SUNY-Cortland)
    Binding Event Memories into Episodes
  2. Papia Bawa (Purdue University) and Sunnie Lee Watson (Purdue University)
    The Other Side of the Looking Glass: Bridging Lewis Carroll’s World and the Realities of Chinese Graduate Students English Writing Challenges; A Phenomenological Study
  3. Eugene Charles McGregor Boyle III (Purdue University)
    Gods, Empires, and the Footnote: Meaning at the Bottom of the Page
  4. Phyllis Passariello (Centre College)
    How Do Dreams, Imagination, Memory, and Culture Collide and/or Merge with “Reality”?
  5. Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University) and Katja Pettinen (Mount Royal University)
    Doing Things Without Words
  6. Discussant: Kyra Landzelius (Independent Scholar)

1:30-4:00    Session

  • 2-13     Gender Roles Enacted and Reified in Occupation [Chancellor 2/3]
    Chair: Linda Giles (Independent Scholar)
  1. Sophie Neems (Grinnell College)
    Towards a New Definition of ‘Farmer:’ The Complex Identities of Women Alternative Farmers in Iowa
  2. Bradley Unkel (University of Central Missouri)
    Gender Division of Labor among the Amish of Benton, Pettis and Henry County, Missouri
  3. Linda Giles (Independent Scholar)
    Spirit Possession and Male Gender on the Swahili Coast
  4. Crystal Sheedy (SUNY – Albany)
    “Lying Roads”: Maya Women’s Work and Cultural Realities in a Changing World
  5. Aaron Brodersen (University of Central Missouri)
    Sexually Pure: Perception of Sexual Purity, Gender Roles, and the American Evangelical Church
  6. Discussant: Benjamin Campbell (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  7. Discussion

3:40-5:30    Sessions

  • 2-14     Gender, Violence, and Memory in Ethnographic Perspective [Regent D]
    Organizer and Chair: Brigittine French
  1. Claire Branigan (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)
    Memory and the Ni Una Menos Movement in Argentina
  2. Shuchi Kapila (Grinnell College)
    Postmemory and Historical Trauma in the Indian Partition of 1947
  3. Scott Olson (University of Iowa)
    Configuring Brotherhood: Leather, AIDS, and Memories of Kinship
  4. Brigittine French (Grinnell College)
    Remembering Tammy Zywicki: The Specter of Feminicide in the Americas
  5. Discussion
  • 2-15     From Fast Foods to Fashion: Flux in Future Foodways [Regent E]
    Chair: Gina Hunter (Illinois State University)
  1. Meghna Usharani Ravishankar (Grinnell Collage)
    The Globlisation of Food
  2. James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
    From Maki(zushi) to Mac(Donalds) and Back: The Development, Expansion, and Globalization of Japanese Sushi
  3. Gina Hunter (Illinois State University)
    From Yuck to Yum: Are Insects the New Sushi?
  4. Discussant: Rick Feinberg (Kent State University)
  5. Discussion
  • 2-16     SYMPOSIUM: Conducting Fieldwork and Engaging in Advocacy and Development on Behalf of Indigenous People in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Richard Borshay Lee [Regent F]
    Organizer and Facilitator: Wayne Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  1. Wayne A. Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  2. Robert K. Hitchcock (University of New Mexico)
  3. Benjamin C. Campbell (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  • 2-17     POSTER SESSION [Alumni]
    Moderator: Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)
  1. Brianna Geer (University of Toledo)
    Lithic Analysis of the Welles Site
  2. Jerik Leung (Washington University, St. Louis)
    Experiencing Lupus and Ambiguity: An Illness Narrative
  3. Maranda Miller (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    Understanding Cigarette Butt Littering Behavior on Public Beaches: A Case Study of Jekyll Island, GA
  4. Amy Neumann (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Sara Anderson (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Catherine Elliott (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Abhi Shome (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), and Effie Athanassopoulos (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    Campus Archaeology: Historic Ceramics from an Early Lincoln Neighborhood
  5. Gina Schlobohm (University of Central Missouri)
    Inuit Language Revitalization
  6. Erik Schulz (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    Campus Archaeology: Medicinal Historic Bottles

5:30-6:30    Dinner Reception [Regents C]  (All Participants are Invited!)

6:30-8:30    Distinguished Lecture [Regents C]
Fred Smith (Illinois State University)
“There are Neandertals Among Us! Understanding an Aboriginal People of Eurasia”

8:30-10:00    Welcome from UNL!: Jazz and Swing Music [Regents C]
The Lightning Bugs
(Cash Bar!)



8:00-12:00    Registration [Registration Desk]

8:00-10:00    Sessions

  • 3-01     From Symbols to Action: The Role of “Gender” in Health [Regent D]
    Chair: Benjamin Campbell (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  1. Nadia Graese (Grinnell College)
    Finding a Voice: Speech and Voice Therapy for Female-to-Male Individuals
  2. Casey Reed (University of Central Missouri)
    Hegemonic Masculinity: Producing, Perpetuating, and Rewarding Self-harm in American Football Players
  3. Benjamin Campbell (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
    San Trance Dance
  4. Discussant: Robert Phillips (Ball State University)
  5. Discussion
  • 3-02     Sensing Body, Self and Culture: Putting Sensory Ethnography into Practice [Regent E]
    Organizer and Chair: Angela Glaros (Eastern Illinois University)
  1. Tori Daniels (Eastern Illinois University)
    Sensing Trauma: Western Sense Hierarchies in PTSD Symptom Management
  2. Samantha Orr (Eastern Illinois University)
    Marking the Body as Sensory Ritual: American Tattoo Versus Kayapo Body Painting
  3. Meagan Ramey (Eastern Illinois University)
    Being Fat on Campus: Emplaced Knowledge of Constraints on Large Women in College
  4. Discussant: Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)
  5. Discussion
  • 3-03     ROUNDTABLE: Ethical Dilemmas in the Field:  Whose Ethical Standards? [Regent F]
    Organizer and Facilitator: Mary Hallin (University of Nebraska, Omaha)
    Panel Participants:
  1. Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University)
  2. Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  3. Richard Feinberg (Kent State University)
  4. Mary Hallin (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
  5. Robert McKinley (Michigan State University)
  6. Gillian Richards-Greaves (Coastal Carolina University)

8:00-10:30    Sessions

  • 3-04     “Unnatural Divides: Environmental Anthropology and Representation” [Chancellor 2/3]
    Chair: Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)
  1. Austin Hoffman (Independent Scholar)
    Wolves at our Door: An Exploration of Wilderness and Humanity in the Anthropocene
  2. Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College)
    Collaborative Ethnography and the Sustainability of an Environmental Organization
  3. Laura Morillo (University of Toledo)
    Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens
  4. Samantha Beilfuss (University of Wisconsin, La Crosse)
    The Kayapo, Sting, and the Representation of Indigenous People
  5. John Blatzheim (Rice University)
    Encountering Hyperobjects in the Chthulucene
  6. Discussant: Heather O’Leary (Washington University, St. Louis)
  7. Discussion
  • 3-05     It’s What You Eat and How You Hear: Explanations of Cultural and Biological Evolutionary Changes [Alumni]
    Chair: Hannah Marsh
  1. Srijan Timilsina (St. Xavier’s College)
    Anthropology: A New Change
  2. Zachary Horton (University of Central Missouri)
    Testing Diet Indicates for Paranthropus boisei Using a Model Organism
  3. Emma Luechtefeld (University of Central Missouri)
    Neanderthal Personal Adornment: How They Learned Their Art and What it Meant for Their Culture.
  4. Brian Sparr (Eastern Illinois University)
    Facts, Not Fads: What Should We Be Eating?
  5. Ruth Grady (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
    New Perspectives on the Piraino One Mummy
  6. Discussant: Fred Smith (Illinois State University)
  7. Discussion

10:10-12:10   Sessions

  • 3-06     Touristic Imagery and the Shaping of Sensibilities about Self and Other [Regent D]
    Organizer and Chair: Kathleen M. Adams (Loyola University, Chicago)
  1. Claire Abell (Loyola University, Chicago)
    Sun, Sea, and the Romantic Other: American Travel Writing on Oman
  2. Kathleen M. Adams (Loyola University, Chicago)
    Touring the Ancestral Homeland: Exploring Heritage and Revisiting Self and Other in the Hinterlands of Indonesia
  3. Elizabeth Bajjalieh (Loyola University, Chicago)
    The Real Experience: Online Brochure Analysis of Peace Corps Advertising
  4. Discussant: Phyllis Passariello (Centre College)
  5. Discussion
  • 3-07     Structural, Symbolic, and Semiotic Approaches to Kinship and Gender as Encoded in Mythology: Levi-Strauss and Beyond [Regent E]
    Chair: Désveaux, Emmanuel (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris)
  1. Josh Bickford (Kent State University)
    A Structuralist Approach to the Myth of Rata, the Legendary Voyager of Polynesia
  2. Emmanuel Désveaux (Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
    Transformation of plastic forms in Native North America.
  3. Fatemeh Sadraee (University of Kansas)
    “Water Fairy in the Hand of Drought Devil”: Gender Roles from the Ecofeminism Lens in the Iranian ‘Ab-Paria’ TV Show
  4. Discussant: Jim Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
  5. Discussion
  • 3-08     Anthropological Research: The Morality and Ethics of the Field, in the Field [Regent F]
    Chair: Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University)
  1. Rick Feinberg (Kent State University)
    Behaviorist Ethics in Polynesia: Anuta, Solomon Islands
  2. Anna Wieser (University of Kansas)
    Archaeological Ethics and Studies of War-Torn Landscapes
  3. Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University)
    The Inquisitive Anthropologist: Questioning Questions in Ethnographic Fieldwork
  4. Discussant: Roland Vazquez (Upper Iowa University)
  5. Discussion

10:45-12:00   Session

  • 3-09     FILM: “La Vida Matizada: Visual Ethnographic Portraits of the Blended Life in a Culturally Creative Community in the Andes” [Chancellor 2/3]
    Facilitator: David Syring (University of Minnesota Duluth)

12:15-1-15     Business Meeting Lunch [Embassy Bar & Grille] ($8.00 advance ticket required)

1:25-3:25      Session

  • 3-10     “Minorities” in the Modern Mainstream: Mental and Emotional Migrations [Regent D]
    Chair: Melony Stambaugh (Gateway Community and Technical College)
  1. Lizandra Gomez-Ramirez (Augustana College)
    Are Mexicans Still Migrating?: The Reality of a Rural Village in Mexico
  2. Sergio Lemus (City Colleges of Chicago)
    Los Morenos and the Mexicans: Ethnography and Race Making Processes in South Chicago
  3. Brian Glubok (Beloit College)
    The Neo-liberal Accident
  4. Elene Cloete (University of Kansas)
    Yearning for the Future: South Africa’s Born-Free Generation and Neoliberal Subjectivities
  5. Discussant: Claire Nicholas (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  6. Discussion
  • 3-11     Case Studies in the Anthropology of Trauma [Regent E]
    Chair: Mary Hallin (University of Nebraska, Omaha)
  1. Peter Delaney (Washington University, St. Louis)
    Western versus Traditional Medical Treatment Alternatives in Rural Uganda: The Influence of Local Notions of Trauma
  2. Isis Rose (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
    The Legacy of Informed Refusal in African American Midwifery in the South
  3. Discussant: Shuchi Kapila (Grinnell College)
  4. Discussion
  • 3-12     Cosmopolitan Diffusion: The Spread of Notions of Identity in a Globalized World [Regent F]
    Chair: James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
  1. Jeffrey Le (Beloit College)
    Korean Beauty: Whiteness in Transnational Asia
  2. Noah Johnson (University of Iowa)
    “Karate is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical”: Using Cognitive Methods to Study the Diffusion of a Cultural Practice
  3. Samantha Poyer (Beloit College)
    “Do not be like the hypocrites”: Fasting, Piety, and Community Membership among Catholics in Dakar
  4. Discussant: Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University)
  5. Discussion