The CSAS Executive Board offers graduate and undergraduate paper prizes and sponsors two scholarships for student research, the Leslie A. White Award and the Beth Wilder Dillingham Award.

The Paper Prizes are awarded for research papers based on presentations given at the CSAS Annual Meeting.  Submissions are generally due two to three weeks following the meeting.  Prizes in each category are $300 and papers in any area of anthropology are eligible.  The Second Vice President of CSAS chairs the Student Paper Prize Committee.

The Leslie A. White Award was established in 1983 by the estate of Raymond L. Wilder, the father of then President Beth Wilder Dillingham, a former doctoral student of White. Dr. Wilder had wanted to establish a memorial fund for White but was unable to do so before his death. His wishes were made manifest through his daughter. The award was established in honor of White’s contributions to the CSAS and to anthropology. The award is meant to assist young scholars (graduate or undergraduate) in any subfield of anthropology with research expenses.

The Beth Wilder Dillingham Award was established in 1989 by Mrs. Una G. Wilder and Clay Dillingham to honor Dillingham’s commitment to the CSAS and the discipline and the purpose of furthering anthropology by aiding young scholars (graduate or undergraduate) with dependent children. This award is meant to reflect one of Beth Dillingham’s major concerns-the difficulty of building an academic career while raising children at the same time. Therefore it is the spirit of the award to assist graduate or undergraduate students in any subfield of anthropology who are responsible for the care of one or more children.

The Immediate Past President of CSAS chairs the White and Dillingham Award Committees.

“Young scholar” does not refer to the chronological age but rather the “academic age” of the applicant; They cannot be an established scholar in the field of anthropology but be working toward their degree–thus “young” in the discipline.

White and Dillingham Award amounts vary each year. Check announcements for amounts to be awarded.

Contributors are invited to donate to the permanent endowment set up for each fund. Awards are made from the interest generated from these accounts. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the future of anthropology in the name of these great CSAS forebears.

Contributions should be sent to the current Secreatary-Treasurer. Please see officer list for contact information.

Please make checks out to the American Anthropological Association. Indicate to which award you would like your contribution to be made.